Superfood Quinoa Power Bowl

vegetarian, healthy, quinoa, avocado, sweet potato, arugula, pomagranate


(Serves 4, or lunch all week)!

1 sweet potato

1 pomegranate

2 avocados

1 cup quinoa

4 handfuls greens (Arugula and kale are great)

4 tbsp of olive oil +1 for cooking

1-2 tsp rosemary (approximation, just sprinkle)

Black pepper

Half a lemon

Feta, fresh basil, fresh cilantro to garnish


  1. Cut sweet potato into cubes mix with 1 tbsp of olive oil, pepper and rosemary, cook at 450 for about 30 minuets.
  2. While it’s cooking boil 2 cups of water, when boiled, add quinoa and simmer covered on low for 10-15 minuets
  3. Seed pomegranate. PRO TIP: fill a large bowl with water, cut pomegranate into quarters and seed immersed in the water. This cuts down on the mess and makes it a lot easier!
  4. Combine everything in one bowl, add olive oil lemon, fresh herbs and feta, mix! This dish tastes good warm or cold!



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