About Us

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Our Food Philosophy:

What we believe in: healthy, whole, clean, foods. What we don’t believe in: calories, sugar, fat, diets.

Here at Tofu Twins, we don’t think you need to go on crazy diets, limit portions or count calories to be healthy. We believe in eating whole and healthy food until you are full, or even stuffed to the brim! All of our foods use simple, unrefined, unprocessed ingredients you can actually pronounce. We try to use mostly plant based ingredients however sometimes a little bit a cheese sneaks in (no ones perfect)!

Overall we hope to eat food the way it was intended; we will use foods directly from the ground to turn them into delicious, simple and healthy dishes!

Meet the Tofu Twins:

Emma –


I am a 20 year old student and have been experimenting with vegetarianism for 3 years now. I would not call myself a good cook. My housemates can definitely attest to some of the more questionable dishes I have tried to create, but those that do turn out will be posted here! I hope to create recipes that everyone (from a Gordon Ramsey to a KD enthusiast) can create. Being healthy should not be a function of time, money or skill level, it’s something everyone is capable of! I love to experiment with new recipes and ingredients, in hopes to turn classic dishes into clean vegetarian recipes. After backpacking South East Asia, Australia, China and Central America, I love to take various ethnic dishes and transform them into healthy meals we can eat everyday!

When I’m not in the kitchen creating unnecessarily extravagant meals for my busy student life and tight student budget and trying to snap them in the best lighting possible, I am usually running, spending time with my wonderful friends or pretending to do homework.

Things I love: travelling, bonfires, sunny days at the beach, charcuterie,Phoebee Buffay

Favourite Ingredients: almond butter, cilantro, homemade chocolate chip cookies (not together but just great foods)!

Ali – 


Hi friends! I am a 21 year old university student who is new to the vegetarian life. Throughout university, my housemates and I have been researching healthy snacks and recipes that are quick and travel well to suit our busy lifestyles. When I procrastinate from schoolwork, I’m in the kitchen playing with new smoothie recipes – my favourite breakfast dish or snack! Food revolves around so many aspects of your life and you can’t be afraid to experiment with it.

When I’m not snacking on yummy dishes, you can find me travelling (or planning my next travel), playing dress up in my friend’s wardrobes, or watching Netflix.

Things I love: travelling, my pup, hiking, wildlife documentaries, hitting up the bars

Favourite Ingredients: eggs, asparagus, rainforest nut butter, berries, mango